• Marjorie Brimley laughing with friends after becoming a widow
    New Perspectives

    The Power of the Word “Widow”

    A few weeks ago, I heard through friends that the General Manager of Millie’s, our favorite neighborhood restaurant, had died after being shot a few weeks prior.  He left behind a wife and baby.  I didn’t know them, but I can’t stop thinking about his family.  Many people I know posted things on social media or shared text messages about what had happened.  Everyone expressed sympathy for his wife.  I reached out to a few friends who knew her, offering condolences and any help I could offer when she’s ready. But you know what I felt for her?  Sympathy.  “It’s so awful,” I said to my sister.  “Another young widow.”…

  • Shawn and Marjorie Brimley at their wedding in Oregon
    Missing Shawn

    Where Should We Begin?

    Right now, I’m obsessed with the podcast “Where Should We Begin?” by Esther Perel.  The host is a couples therapist, and the podcast is basically her sitting down with a couple and discussing whatever is going on in their marriage.  I stumbled upon it after listening to Perel on the podcast “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” which is hosted by the Hot Young Widows Club founder, Nora McInerny.  So, oddly, I have spent now countless hours listening to a podcast about couples because of a connection I have through one of my spousal loss groups. In any case, I love Perel’s podcast.  I’ve listened to couples dealing with infidelity, couples who…