• Cemetery where DC widow blog writer Marjorie Brimley buried husband Shawn
    Missing Shawn

    Visitors to Your Grave

    The other day, as I was driving to Costco, I decided to stop at the cemetery. I was hungry when I got there, and so I sat down at Shawn’s grave and ate Sun Chips and told him about what was happening in my life. I don’t know why I do this. As I was talking, I saw a man in the distance. He had on a cowboy hat and a large beard. He was probably my age. He seemed to be looking for something on the ground. Maybe someone’s name? Maybe something else? What was he doing, I wondered? I sat at Shawn‘s grave for a long time that…

  • DC widow blog writer Marjorie Brimley's feet at her husband's grave
    Missing Shawn

    Reflections at Your Grave on Easter Weekend

    I’m sitting on your grave, typing.  The workers here already think that I’m crazy – I saw one of them gesture towards me a few minutes ago when I laid my head in the grass – but I’m just going to keep writing.  I’m not like all the other visitors.  I’ve been here for an hour, and I’ve seen the mourners come and go.  They drive up, get out slowly from their cars, and walk to a grave.  Maybe they bring flowers.  Maybe they stare at the grave for a while.  But after a few minutes, they leave. I’m not sure why they would leave on such a beautiful day. …

  • Brimley family enjoying a beautiful view together before Shawn Brimley's death
    Things That Suck

    Costco and the Cemetery

    The cemetery where Shawn is buried is wild and beautiful, filled with trees and migrating birds and simple headstones in the ground.  It is a peaceful and truly contemplative place, and though it’s right outside the city, it feels like the countryside.  When I chose the cemetery, I chose it for all of these reasons.  I also chose it because it’s right next to Costco. I know.  But hear me out.  I wanted to go to Shawn’s grave, sit there and think about our life together, grieve for him, remember him…and do it more than once a year.  I wanted to make it part of my regular life, and well,…